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Mobile phone lanyard / Key rope / Ornament hand rope

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Light and comfortable high quality two in one plastic accessories and key ring.
  • The lanyard is 0.78 inch (2.0 cm) wide and 7.0 inch (18 cm) long. Size can be customized
  • Great for connecting key chain / camera / mobile phone / charger / USB / Electronics / iPod / USB or any other lightweight product.
  • Choose high-quality materials and exquisite design to integrate fashion, personality and comfort.
  • Great gift - make a great practical gift for your family and friends!

Product Details

Can be customized lanyard,can be printed,customized logo,travel 

leisurely, release your hands, office lanyard can be hung on the neck,

practical and convenient,mobile phone lanyard,mobile phone with you,

to prevent loss,polyurethane leather lanyard,can also be used as a ring 

buckle, wide fabric lanyard tie skyle design does not stop the neck.

Dongguan diamond Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd

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