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What are the commonly used materials for weaving hanging belt?
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With the development of industry, there are more and more materials that can be used to weave hanging belt. From the natural fiber before to the rich chemical fiber behind, they can be used as hanging belt materials, which greatly enriches the hanging belt Market and facilitates people's life. The conventional materials of the hanging belt are: Nylon / Teflon / PP polypropylene / acrylic / cotton / polyester / chive / Spandex / smooth / rayon, etc. Let's elaborate on the raw material characteristics of the following ribbon materials:

1: PP yarn (also known as polypropylene yarn)
Composition: PP colloidal particle + PE colloidal particle + Color Masterbatch (raw materials mainly come from Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, etc.) * from coarse to fine: 1200D, 1000D, 900D, 600D, 300D * top three in common use: 900D, 600D and 300D * the unit price of color yarn is higher than that of black yarn p7390, and 900D yarn is used
PP Ribbon usage: generally used without safety requirements, the amount of handbag is large texture: slightly harder than nylon yarn physical property: softer than nylon yarn poor strength: less dyeability than nylon yarn poor dyeability: pre dyeing (added before molding) pigment destructive: solar erosion and natural decomposition characteristics: self decay, environmental protection cutting.

2: Nylon yarn
Raw materials for nylon belt production * from coarse to fine: 1260d, 840D, 630D, 420D, 390d, 210D, 840D n7562 is commonly used with 390d yarn.
Use of nylon webbing: generally used for safety requirements, such as general safety belt texture: softness property is the same as that of Teflon yarn physical property: good softness
Strength: lower than tedolon yarn, higher than PP yarn, tedole yarn, acrylic yarn, pure cotton yarn dyeability: after dyeing (water dyeing), room temperature dyeing about 80-100 degrees destructive: not subject to sunlight erosion, but subject to hydrochloric acid erosion characteristics: wear resistance and high tensile force.

3: Extra much yarn (also called polyester yarn)
Main raw materials for producing elastic belt: (more than 300D twisting is used for high-speed elastic belt, more than 150D original yarn is used for knitting elastic belt) small yarn and weft of jacquard belt * from coarse to fine: 1200D, 900D, 600D, 300D, 150D * properties: twisting, untwisting (AO original yarn), * extra many yarn does not need to be twisted when it is used for weft, * twisting yarn: it is not easy to rise when it is used for weaving belt, * when it is used for small yarn, Use twisted yarn to avoid raising.
Purpose of tedolon webbing: generally used for safety requirements, such as automobile safety belt, parachute jumping belt texture: soft property and nylon same physical property: good softness and strength: high dyeing property for yarn: after dyeing (water dyeing), high temperature dyeing about 140 degrees color damage: not subject to sunlight and hydrochloric acid corrosion property: wear resistance and high tension.

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